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Nicole's Story
The Nicole Sinkule Foundation
No MOrE SiLeNCe 'bOUT DoMEsTiC VioLEnce!
Nicole's Story
Nicole Crystal Sinkule
Born September 20,1980 Taken October 16, 2005

 Nicole Sinkule was a murder victim of domestic violence. She was murdered in her sleep by her boyfriend who had a history of abusing her. Nicole's life and death continues to be a lesson to those of us that find ourselves in abusive relationships. Abusers will not stop, they will not change. Abuse is physical, mental and sexual. Abuse is not biased to gender, race, class or sexual orientation.

"Please continue to Become Aware n Share… it is making a difference.


DECEMBER 4, 2005
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November 11, 2005
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December 1, 2005

DECEMBER 3, 2005
December 3, 2005
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